How To List Your Property …


  • Market Analysis

    Call Lloyd and Day Real Estate to set an appointment with one of our qualified agents to come and see your property. At that time we will need to view the property from top to bottom and take some measurements to determine the square footage of the finished living space. We will leave you with some paper work to be filled out and a list of anything else we will need from you. This information is needed for us to go back to the office and work on a written Market Analysis (Opinion of Value) giving you the information you will need to determine the asking price for your property.

  • Helpful Suggestions

    At that time, or when we return with the Market Analysis, we may offer some suggestions regarding steps you may need to take in order to make your property more saleable, such as packing away clutter, cleaning out closets, painting walls, or cleaning up the yard. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.

  • Discuss the Asking Price

    When we return, we will discuss the asking price given the information gleaned from the Market Analysis. Many factors enter into this determination such as location, property condition, market activity, and again, location. Once the asking price has been determined, you will decide the best route to take to bring about a sale at the highest possible price in the least amount of time.

  • Multiple Listing Service.

    The most efficient method to use in order to sell your property is by our putting the information into the Multiple Listing Service. This is done by computer and the information is forwarded to all Realtors in the state and into the network for customers worldwide to view. It will also be featured on our company website at

  • Advertise

    Our advertising department will prepare attractive ads to be placed extensively throughout the New England States. We will send copies of these ads, as they appear, to you for your file. Your property will also be advertised on our web site and, through that, worldwide.

  • Your Property is Shown to Prospective Buyers,

    As your property is shown to prospective buyers, we will keep you informed as to the reaction of these customers. This can give you helpful feedback from buyers as to how they compare your property with other property on the market.

  • Buyer Found, Fun Begins

    Once a buyer is found, the fun begins. The buyer will apply for financing, if needed, and will schedule building, water, and sewer inspections. The bank will order an appraisal to be sure the property value is consistent with the current market and a title search to assure that there are no clouds on the title to the property.

  • Closing Date

    Baring any problems with the above, we will soon move on to a closing date, and you should be prepared to move on to your next location by that date.

This is only a brief summary of the whole process, but we will be with you to be of assistance every step of the way. Give us a call at 603-323-7803 to get started.